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  • Joyce L Duncan


    The Dubai and Oman trip was fantastic. It was a cultural experience of a life time. An amazing journey, where I learned so much and will reflect that in my journal. This experience cannot be duplicated. I would encourage more people to visit Dubai and Oman and experience the diverse culture and evolution of a society from the old to the new.

  • Stellar


    Pat,The trip was more exciting than I could have imagined. Being in Africa for the first time & meeting the African people touched my soul. They were so welcoming to us. The different things we experienced will be hard to duplicate. I would encourage everyone to take this trip.

  • Merryl Dashiell and Butch Haynes


    Dear Ms. Sweetwine, The pleasure of traveling is in the details. Our trip, arranged by you (Sweetwine Travel Service) was perfect. All of the details: airline tickets, hotel reservations, Black DC Tour, two days at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (with shuttle service) connected very smoothly. This trip and your service was wonderful, but more than that you made it memorable. Thank you! Sincerely, Merryl Dashiell and Butch Haynes

  • Elaine Fripp


    Hi Pat, The tour to Amsterdam, Paris and London with 10 women was exceptionally orchestrated. It was well planned with preparation for the trip and included information and resources on all traveling tips/needs. This trip fulfilled exactly what I needed, seeing the highlights and wonderment of the various cultures. The selection of group activities, hotel locations and accommodations exceeded my expectations. Having the opportunity to explore on your own, forming alliances with other travelers in the group and to participate in activities enriched my experience. Meeting family in London was an added bonus and visiting Brussels and other unplanned adventures with like minded group members made for memorable times and new friendship. Overall grade A+

  • Anna Smith


    Hi Patricia, My tour of Europe was absolutely amazing. You totally brought my dream to life. The trip went off as planned and you provided everything as promised. I loved the Black Heritage tour in Amsterdam which included exploring and learning about the black community that lived in Amsterdam in the 16th Century. I want to thank Jennifer Tosh of Black Heritage Tours for such an awsome experience. I recommend her to anyone visiting to contact her and increase your knowledge about the African legacies in the diverse Dutch culture. Our visit to Paris was wonderful.It was great to have time to explore this beautiful city. I didn't want to leave.We was on to London after spending 5 glorious days in Paris.Taking the Eurostar train to London and going 1st class was amazing. The Dream Girls play at the Savoy, and going to Ronnie Scott's jazz club completed a dream come true.I can't wait for my next adventure to Washington DC and New York City scheduled for July. Greece will my next trip in September, and I'm planning on what to do in 2018.Patricia you are truly amazing at what you do and I can't imagine traveling without your guidance. Thank you and God bless.

  • Dorothy Walker


    Patricia Sweetwine, I want to thank you for planning the trip to Washington DC. I truly had a good time learning more of my roots and the struggles that took place to bring us this far. The National Museum of African American History & Culture is truly a must see.

  • Audrey James


    Hi Patricia, my family is looking into going to Hawaii. We've never been there and don't know what island, activities, etc. to go to. I go to Acts Full Gospel. You scheduled our New York trip years ago with my daughter Nicole Smith and Latonya Griffith. Thanks

  • Thanks Patricia


    Thank you Patricia for all your hard work. I'm sure each trip has it's challengesbut you made it look seamless. Calvin and I had a wonderful time; I would say thebest trip we've ever taken. Please keep us on your mailing list. I'm not sure howmuch we can do but you will be the first stop whenever we're ready to go again. Blessings to you as well, Verta & (Calvin) Patricia, thanks again for organizing this incredible trip. Attached are thepictures taken of you in the hotel following the hotel concert. Best, Aldon

  • Joyce Duncan


    I just returned from Cuba, an educational tour with Patricia Sweetwine, and YMT. It was an awesome experience. I learned so much and want to thank Sweetwine for putting together such an awesome experience. Looking forward to other exciting adventures.

  • S. Smith


    I recently returned from a people to people, educational tour with Patricia Sweetwine Travel, via YMT. It was an amazing educational experience, enhanced by Patricia's assistance and professionalism in handling the tour and her group. I look forward to the next adventure.

  • carmen patton


    This was my first trip with Paticia Sweetwine Travel, and I was impressed with her attention to detail and information- sharing prior to the trip. I was very proud to be a part of her travel group. I recommend her highly!

  • karthik


    Hello Patricia your new website looks Awesome!!!

  • Joyce Duncan

    Dec 2009

    In December of 2009, I had the pleasure of traveling with Patricia Sweetwine to the Republic of South Africa. It was an experience of a life time. From the time we arrived until the time we departed, we were greeted warmly and enthusiastically by the people of South Africa, who were willing to share their stories about the past, their hopes and dreams for a better and brighter future. The highlights of the trip for me was visiting the home of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Robben Island where Mandela and many of the freedom fighters against Apartheid spent their lives. As well as, listening to our guide at the prison, who was a former inmate at Robben Island articulate the importance of the struggle and what it meant to the people of South Africa and the world. Visiting the women's prison and to see how our sisters were treated, but also to hear of the heroism and the fight for survival in the struggle for their freedom. The visit to hall where the Freedom Charter was housed and seeing the 10 broad principles which helped to establish the Constitution that was adopted. Finally, having a visit with Queenie and her husband David. We discussed several topics including the many social, political, health and educational issues facing the people of South Africa. What an enlighten conversation. The trip to South Africa taught me so many things about our past and our history. But most of all, it gave me insight into what our brothers and sisters faced, and the challenges they endured, and the resilience of a people who were determined to be free and to see both the joy and triumph of the new Rainbow Nation.

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